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The below mentioned courses which we offer to the public, are National Recognised Training and the respective unit of competency is indicated to the left of each course. These courses are are provided in partnership with The Royal Life Saving Society Qld Inc, RTO No 5431.

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Resuscitation (CPR) - HLTAID001

Resuscitation refers to the actions taken to keep a casualty alive after their breathing and heartbeat has stopped. Resuscitation can mean the difference between life and death and early intervention with Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) can and will save lives. The course outlines the important aspects of Resuscitation and involves practical applications and assessments of CPR on manikins, as well as a theory exam. We use modern computerised full body manikins (made by Laerdal - see picture) in our training, so participants receive training that is realistic.

Cost: $40

First Aid - HLTAID001, HLTAID002 & HLTAID003 (Also referred to as Senior First Aid, Apply First Aid or Workplace First Aid)

Compliant with Workplace Health and Safety requirements the First Aid training course will provide you with the knowledge and skills required to administer First Aid to a victim of illness or injury until the arrival of professional medical help. The course outlines the important aspects of first aid (including resuscitation) and involves practical applications and assessments as well as a theory exam.
Courses of varying length from one day (in conjunction with a workbook) are available.

Cost: $120

First Aid in an Education & Care Setting - HLTAID001, HLTAID002, HLTAID003 & HLTAID004

This first aid course is the same as 'First Aid' however contain an extra unit of competency for working in education and child care centres.

Suitable for those working as a Teacher or in the Child Care Industry.

Cost: $150

Bronze Medallion - HLTAID001 & SISCAQU202A

The Bronze Medallion is recognised as the minimum standard for a qualified lifesaver. The course aims to develop the level of judgement, technique and physical ability required to safely carry out water rescues and involves practical applications, assessments of CPR on manikins, as well as a theory exam.

Cost: $160
Re-accreditation: $95

Low Voltage Rescue (LVR)

This course provides participants with the skills to manage the danger of accidental electrocution. At the completion of the course you will be competent to rescue and provide resuscitation to a person who has stopped breathing or is unconscious due to electrical shock.

Cost: To be advised