Community Education & Training

Our aim is to reduce the loss of life in the community in an aquatic environment. We do this in a number of ways including by the below:

We can arrange free courses for community groups. Course topics can include things such as:
We provide these courses free of charge to community organisation. We can provide certificates of completion, although these certificates are not issued under the Australian Quality Training Network, unless a specific course request is made.

All courses are tailored to your community group and additional topics can be added as required.

Please contact us for more information on our community courses.

Guest Speakers

We can provide speakers for events and functions, with community and small groups usually being provided free of charge. Our speakers can talk on a number of life saving and water safety topics, and have experience at talking to groups of people in a public forum.

Topics include things such as: Please contact us to arrange a Guest Speaker.

Resources and Brochures

Please contact us if you are looking for water safety information or resources. We can access a wide range of resources to help you, whether you are after resources for industry, school, or even foreign students, we have a large range of material that may be useful for you.