Community Courses

For more information about our community courses, please contact Patricia on telephone 0402 454 644 or email

Community Courses

These courses are usually provided free of charge 

Most of these courses are provided free of charge as a community service. We do not ask for anything in return and do not put pressure on you to purchase anything (etc).

Courses can be tailored to suite your unique circumstances and can be provided in our training room, or at your premises. Courses include:

  • Resuscitation / CPR
  • Use of the Defibrillator
  • Basic First Aid
  • Basic Emergency Care

Our courses have been given to group such as Lions Clubs, Rotary Meetings, Freemasons, etc. We use the most up to date equipment in our courses, so that course participants get the best experience during our courses.

Grey Medallion

The Grey Medallion course is a course that aims to teach participants, how to act in an (aquatic) emergency. You do not need to be fit or able to swim to complete the Grey Medallion, as it aims to teach you how to rescue someone, without getting into the water. An information brochure can be downloaded here.

The Grey Medallion course is aimed at the Public (non-members of the Club) aged over 55, however anyone can do the course, regardless of thier age. Parents, supervisors of children and those who are not strong swimmers are ideal course participants, even though they may be younger than 55 years.