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The Grey Medallion

What is the Grey Medallion
The Grey Medallion course is a course that aims to teach participants, how to act in an (aquatic) emergency. You do not need to be fit or able to swim to complete the Grey Medallion, as it aims to teach you how to rescue someone, without getting into the water. An information brochure can be downloaded here.

Who can do the Grey Medallion
The Grey Medallion course is aimed at the Public (non-members of the Club) aged over 55, however anyone can do the course, regardless of thier age. Parents, supervisors of children and those who are not strong swimmers are ideal course participants, even though they may be younger than 55 years.

How Long is the course
The course is conducted over two days (a weekend) from 9am to 4pm. It is held at Grand Pacific Resort, Bulcock Beach, Caloundra. This year the course will be held on 27 and 28 August 2022.

How much does it cost
The usual course fees are $40 per person, however this may be discounted for groups, or in special cases. Due to sponsorship and our commitment to community education, we have reduced this cost to $5- per person.

What if I can not Swim, or do not wish to get in the Water
You do not need to be able to swim to do the course, and whilst a pool session is part of the course, getting in the water is not compulsory. The Club is very mindful that people doing the course, may not wish to get wet for a variety of reasons.

What do I need to know
The course assumes you have no life saving knowledge and hence you do not need to know anything before the course.

What do I need to bring
Food and drinks (lunch & morning tea), pen, paper. If you are participating in the water session (an optional pool session is held on the first day of the course), it is recomended to bring a swimming costume and towel for that session.

The Grey Medallion is conducted by a registered and qualified teacher (Patricia), who can be contacted on telephone 0402 454 644 or email

What will I learn
There are four main components of the program:

1.) Water Safety Knowledge
Aims to teach you an understanding of the dangers of aquatic locations, safe practices and responsibilities.
2.) Resuscitation and Emergency Care
Aim to provide knowledge and skills in basic resuscitation and emergency care.
3.) Aquatic Exercise
Aims to provide an understanding of the importance of physical activity and experience a range of activities in aquatic exercise.
4.) Personal Survival and Lifesaving Skills
Aim to provide a range of personal survival and basic lifesaving skills to equip yourself to deal with an aquatic emergency scenario.
5.) First Aid
Aims to provide knowledge and skills of how to deal with simple home accidents and marine stings

This is a program to help you to learn the essential lifesaving skills that could one day save your family members, friends or your life.

Participants of the Grey Medallion Course are eligible to apply for membership of the Club as an Associate or Support Member.