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Operational Procedures Material

Patrol Operations Manual
Kite Surfer Rescue Manual

Club Policies

Club Policy – Membership Fees
Club Policy – Life Savers Car Park
Club Policy – Privacy
RLSSQ Policy – Child Protection / Blue Card

Forms & Documents

Social Membership Application
ATV Application for Use
Form – Patrol Captain (EoI)
Incident Report Form – Major
Incident Report Form – Minor
Form – Patrol Log
Reimbursement Form
Trainer Reimbursement Form

Constitution & By-laws (V2.2)

Certificate of Incorporation
Certificate of Affiliation
Approval of Constitution
ACNC Certificate – Charity

Clubhouse (Fire) Wardens

Clubhouse Evacuation Guide
Guide for (Fire) Wardens

Education & Training

RLSS Club Qualification Flow Chart (Awards)

New Members Training Record

Workbook – New Member
Qualification Structure

Radio Operator Certificate (ROC)

Presentation – Radio Operator
Workbook – Radio Operator

Operational First Aid
Presentation – Op First Aid Part 1
Presentation – Op First Aid Part 2
Workbook – Op First Aid

Patrol Rescue (Patrol Bronze Star/Medallion)
Presentation – Bronze Medallion
Workbook – Bronze Medallion

Inflatable Rescue Boat (IRB)

RLSS Critera for IRB Qualifications
Presentation – Intro & Safety Briefing
Workbook – Intro & Safety Briefing
Presentation – Crew & Driver
Workbook – Crew & Driver

Patrol Lifeguard
Presentation – Patrol Lifeguard
Workbook – Patrol Lifeguard

Examination Report Forms (ERF)

ERF – Patrolling Clubs (pdf)
ERF – Patrolling Clubs (Excel)

Re-accreditation Worksheets

Re-accreditation – Patrol Bronze Star (pdf)
Re-accreditation – Patrol Bronze Medallion (pdf)
Re-accreditation – Patrol Lifeguard (pdf)
Re-accreditation – IRB Crew & Driver (pdf)