Senior / Patrolling

Please contact the Club Captain either by telephone (see contact us page), or by dropping down to the Clubhouse on a weekend and asking for the Club Captain.

To apply for Senior Membership, please select and complete the Senior Membership Form button below. If you would also like to use the IRB, please also select and complete the IRB Use Form button below. If you are over 18, you will also need to apply for (or link to the Club) a Blue Card Working With Children Card.

The Club Captain is available to answer any questions you have, and once you have decided to apply for membership, we will complete an orientation with you, show you around the Club introducing you to key members, and arrange the date of your first patrol. Most of your training will be conducted during patrols, which you will attend as a trainee/observer/extra hand (a rookie), until you are ready to be qualified. On your first patrol, you will be given a patrol shirt, shorts and patrol cap to wear. All patrol uniforms are required to be returned to the Club if you leave the Club.

If you would like to find out more information or ask questions, please email or telephone the Club Captain (refer to ‘Contact Us‘).

What’s Involved

All Senior Members are required to complete beach patrols. These are schedule in either a half day, or full day patrols (half day being around four hours in length). 

Minimum Patrol Commitment

Members of the club need to be active in beach patrols. The minimum that we ask of members is: 

Patrol Commitments
Four half day patrols per month
You can select which days for your patrol which are either:

Morning (7.30am to 12.30pm) patrol shift, or 
Afternoon (12.30pm to 4.30pm) patrol shift, or
Full Day Shift (two half days together – 7.30am to 4.30pm)

Please note that these times can vary, for various times of the year – set up for Junior Lifeguard training sessions and longer patrols for Summer School Holidays.

We need to know your patrol availability three weeks in advance
We understand that you may not be available at certain times during the year (i.e. when on holidays or students with exams) and will work with you in this regard

Common options that our members choose are:

  • The same shift every week (i.e. every Saturday morning patrol)
  • Two full days over a month – days suitable to you
  • Four half days over a month – on days suitable to you
  • Combination of one full days and two half days – on days suitable to you

Training & Qualifications (Awards)

You will be required to undertake your own fitness training in your own time in order to keep you sufficient fit to volunteer as a life saver. The Club will conduct various life saving courses throughout the season to allow you to become qualified, some of which which you will need to attend. Once you are qualified, you will also need to re-accredit your qualifications each season. We will explain how the training and qualifications system works with you in more detail when you join the Club. 

Membership Fees

New Members

Joining Fee: $60.00
Annual Membership Fee: $50.00
Total: $110.00
Existing Senior Active Members

Joining Fee: $0.00
Annual Membership Fee: $50.00
Total: $50.00
Support & Competition Members

Joining Fee: $60.00
Annual Membership Fee: $60.00
Total: $120.00

Please Note

  • Membership fees are set at the Clubs Annual General Meeting each year, and may be changed at the AGM without notice. 
  • Membership year is 1 July to 30 June in the following year and members must renew membership by 1 October otherwise risk their membership being terminated.
  • When you complete a membership application form, your membership application will be considered by the next Management Committee meeting, and if accepted (or otherwise), you will be advised by the Secretary.
  • All new members are on a probationary period, for the first six months and the Club reserves its right to end a membership for any reason.
  • The Club has changed considerably over the last few years and does not operate how it had previously.
  • A past member who has let their membership lapse will need to re-join as a new member, and be prepared to meet all the expectations of current membership, most importantly rostered patrols.